821 5th Ave Williamsport PA

Photo Credit: Huber Home
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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year From The Terraces!. Just wanted to share some photos. Our Victorian home built in 1895 by a local attorney Howard Taylor Janney for his bride to be Laura Hill and named the home "The Terraces". Located at 821 Fifth Ave. Williamsport, PA. We the Huber family find it very comforting giving back to our community while keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in many hearts throughout the area. Many people come from out of state and locally from Thanksgiving and throughout the month of December. We truly enjoy seeing the smiles in many faces while they visit. Our home is decorated on three sides. Every single light is taped individually on every window. It takes many days to decorate but pays off in the end when the lights show off the beautiful Architecture this home has to offer. The Huber family welcomes everyone to drive by this spectacular lighting display. Angels with motion wings upon the rooftop play their trumpets beneath the star of Bethlehem. Santa is here with his nine reindeer.


annmariehuber1 commented almost 5 years ago
This Historic Victorian home built in 1895 is decorated on 3 sides which shows the beautiful achitecture Williamsport has to offer.
llhuberarchitect commented almost 5 years ago
Visitors from around the country come each year to participate in the warmth, peach and Christmas spirit that this home inspires each year. We humbly appreciate the letters and comments of thanks we get each year. We do this for all with no expectation other than providing joy to those who come by.
annmariehuber1 commented almost 2 years ago
Only gets better every year!
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