How To Take Night Photos of Christmas Lights

With huge advancements in camera technology, taking good photographs of homes decorated with Christmas light is getting easier. When taking photographs at night it is essential to avoid camera shake. As the amount of ambient light decreases, the camera shutter needs to stay open longer to allow more light onto the sensor. This means you need to keep your camera really steady from the time you press the shutter release button till it's done taking the picture.

Here are some simple steps.

  1. Make sure your camera is stabilized when taking photographs at night. A tripod is ideal. You can also use a bean bag, or the roof of your car. (You'll' want to turn off the engine to avoid vibrations from the camera affecting your images)
  2. Use the timer feature of your camera or a remote trigger to prevent camera shake when pressing the shutter release button.
  3. Turn off your flash to better capture the ambience of your subject mater.
  4. Most point and shoot cameras have a Scene setting for night photography. Check your camera manual to see if you camera has one.
  5. For best results read your camera manual and practice shooting in different modes, e.g. Aperture priority mode, Shutter speed priority mode, Manual mode.

Happy Holidays and Happy Picture Taking!